Sunday, September 18, 2016

short story slam week 53, mountain Views, Chicago, San Francisco, Nashville, Rochester, Tulsa, and Tokyo

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a trip to Tokyo, is very profound,
a  trip to San Francisco is superb

I take a trip to Washington D. C,
Monuments, George Washington Memorial, Abraham Lincoln they inspire

I take a trip to Evanston,
John Shed Aquarium, Chicago Science Museum and national history, Wow

I take a trip to University of Rocherster,
Marias Wilson, Ray Hylan, Chester Carlson, George Todd, Henry Burton, they uplift

I take a trip to Simon business school, Hajim engineering, and Hubbell math biology,
Yu Zeng, Jay Scutti, Oscar Munoz, bo Ellis, Joffrey Ballett, and Jogesh Babu, excellent

I take a trip to George Eastman museum,
i discover Sam Rao Poduri, Ruth chamey, Chuan Shen, Heping Huang, Donna Beyea..

I take a trip to Carlson Library,
I take notices of Delryn, Liz, Evans, Lam, Hoyt, Basch, Lomd, Lattimore, Fader, Larry,

I take a trip to Staybridge hotel,
I find Meliora, Campbell Halligan, Whitmore Fence, Theta Chlsland, Mark Herman, Rebecca Block

I take a trip to Niagara Falls, Bufallo,
i fuel at Noco, Seven-11, dine at Olive Garden, Wilsom Commons, and Sunoco stop

do remember Hopeman, Chapman, German, G-man, Sherman, Silegman,
do enjoy Rochester, Buffalo, Hutchinson, Wilkinson, Williamson, Jacobson

Chicago O'Hare airport

Benny Wood, Rochester airport, 9/15/2016

Jing Li fastfood, Genesee Bakery Deli,  Mt. Hope Plaza, rochester

Carol Simon business school

   Justin Wu and Jimmy  Yan, 9/17/2016, Niagara Water Falls, Buffalo, near Canada border

new york

  Steve Wood  and Yang Suo, Canada, 9/17/2016
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