Wednesday, April 20, 2016

poetry rally week 83, yard bullet postings, from morton prance house, and wigmore law club, from thomas morsch

 Image result for harvard university

Image result for harvard university

Image result for massachusetts institute of technology

Harvard university law school,
mark zuckerberg enjoys it all

Massachusetts Institute of technology,
the notable things at east coast Boston

Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and Android from Google,
social media tools compete with Sony, Dell, Cisco, At & T, and T-Mobile

thinking of those who orchestra Boston undergraduate education mills,
we raise our eye brows and rain praise to Francis Doyle, Martha Minow, and Drew Gilpin Faust

a list of hard working allies are very helpful,
They could be August Dao, Herman Bhupal, Emily Jaimerena, and Bryant Yang

cross the road, Yenching fish impresses,
by Chelsea Wydham hotel, Hazelwood coffee helps

if you are a friendly visitor, you might enjoy Henri Garrison-Desany, Emily Zoffer,
Becca Ramos, William Fitzsimmons, Rakesh Khurana, and Drew Gilpin Faust

sweet teacher He Jiaying, He Zhangmei, Yan Silin, and Peng Hounian,
they enable small pupils grow and increase confidence via Bie Ma Ma, Wang Xinzhou

forgive Chen Jiaqing, Liu Zhongnian, Bie Yuejin, Yan Taoli, and Yang Zhiyuan,
we continue our journey toward Marywood, Tampa, Annapolis, and Cambridge

Santa Fe and Santa Clause, inviting Santa Matilda, and Prince Joseph in

well, then, we focus on Halie Olson, Larry Olson, Michael Richard, Alice Hu,
Preeti Srinivasan, Jane Golovchenko, Charles William Eliot, A. Lawrence Lewell

hopefully for Abbey Wood, Amelia Wu, Tina Wu, Mira Singer, Tom Wu, and Braxton Noble,
we promote Nathan Marsh Pusey, Sheila Thimba, Joan Rouse, Lynn Fitzgerald, Holworthy Hall

never mind my thunder storm last night,
we feel good to see sunshine today

listen, Neil Rudenstine, Adrienne Jackson, Vanessa Osgood, Rakesh Khurana,
improve, Fogg Museum, Derek Curtis Bok, Goffe House, Peyntree house, Harry Elkins Widener

i live at Idaho
i think of Kentucky

I go to school at Seattle
I attend graduate school at Chicago

I dream of Senta Wang, Chuanxian Peng's fairtale woman,
I refuse to speak to that Joshua Patten, Marshall Patten, and Alissa Guan

again, my eyes fall hard on Lawrence Summers, Radcliffe College,
I begin to scan Ann Radcliffe Trust, Harvard Yard, Agassiz House,

the Rochester and John F. Kennedy center is awesome,
I relax, and print Radcliffe Yard, Cabot House, Stephanie /Khurana, and Martha Minow

i hear Joel Stein often,
I don't worry about  Laszlo Stein, Ann Blair, Charles Rosenberg, and Eric Wood

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

rice noodles, beef noodles, and mr. pho noodles

Fried Rice Vermicelli/Rice Sticks/Rice Noodles Recipe Recipes ...
Pho Tai at Pho Saigon, Phu Quoc, Vietnam | Flickr - Photo Sharing! 

rice noodles,
my childhood side meals

beef noodles
the famous taoyuan airport treats

mr. pho noodles
the lasting favorites from Mr. Pho in term of Vietnam styles

homely noodles
the timely feed and the current first grade for lunch

after a bowl of noodles
you feel full, hot, fit, and you laugh with less greed

eat a bowl of noodle today
let the soup opera (soap of opera) please your taste

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Tomah, Wisconsin, Josh-Avery, Anna-Claire, Karen, and Tony...a story on a new york city library science authoirity

Image result for wesleyan university
Image result for woodrow wilson school of princeton university 

poetry is free
when we focus on a beautiful family and research the background

this is for Anthony William Tony Marx, Karen Barkey,
Josh Marx and Anna Marx

from new york city public library sector,
Tony Marx comes along after Paul LeClerc gets well known there

Bronx high School is distant after that,
so does Wesleyan University and Yale University

While Tony attends Woodrow Wilson school at Princeton University,
He expects to enjoy more freedom else where, at south Africa, Khanya College

BusinessWeek honors him for Diversity efforts,
QuestBridge college match program pleases him well

Karen Barkey is a beautiful wife and good mother,
Josh Avery and Anna Claire are offspring to be admired

interesting facts,
Tom Gerely, Carolyn Martin are powerful figures

recall history,
expect future knowledge base

Farah Griffin, Diane Vanghan, Otto Luening, Priscilla Ferguson,
these are relatives at large

Alicia Henkin, Catherine Leuning, Blanche Manso, H. Terrace,
these are back up colleagues

Ciara Marx, David Schiling, Angela Giral, Michael Roth, Dave Foster Wallace, Dan Brown,
these are powerful talents from book printing to book collections.