Saturday, March 12, 2016

short story slam week 40: dandelion dreams fluffy all the way

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Image result for dandelion  

Bluebell Books Twitter Club! short story slam week 40: the wishes from dandelion flower or a lady bug (Mar 3--Mar 27, 2016) 

a dandelion inspires you to delightful heaven
a creek leads you to unknown region

vanderbilt university students shine
as they vote for people who come to learn

the world is one
if the force to higher education is benign

and we look around,
have many new york, florida, illinois, rhode island, new jersey, and Tennesse fans

maybe Massachusetts inctitute of technology is way to high
but in my eyes, I wish to walk tight ropes around or below Idaho

university of michigan has far stretched wings
I am glad to consider Nashville, Cambridge, and Hanover

tomorrow is my new hampshire
today I restrict myself with a creek and a hope to English empire. 

Inside my favorite place [Friday My Town Shoot Out Link-Up] 

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a creek