Monday, February 29, 2016

short story slam week 39, on Antony Leung, Henry Fok, David Johnston, Van Eyck, and Jannifer Abel

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Emilie Heymans

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Mixia Wu

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Abigail Johnston

diving board,
you dip your head all the way to a pool

Olympic villagers
each of them shines like a silver star

Hong Kong business man,
eyes hot on Emilie Heymans, Mixia Wu, and Abigail Johnston

mother of two offspring,
Leung Sze-Yu and Leung Ho-Ka relate to Fu Mingxia and Antony Leung

Atlanta, London, Brazil, Beijing, and Austra,
Jennifer Abel, Pamela Ware, Marie Paule, Elaine Johnston, Fung Kin, all grin

the children are well fed,
the ladies are well placed

Tsoi Fok Mo Kan is sibling to Henry Fok,
Timonthy Fok is the father to Kenneth Fok

Fung Kin is a mother in law to Loletta Chu,
Guo Jingjing is a grand-daughter-in-Law to Henry Fok and Tsoi Fok Mo Kan

we graph them now,
entering them to database of short story slam week 39,

Antony Leung ~~~ Mingxia Fu
               ^ Sze-yu Leung
              ^ Ho-Ka Leung

Henry Fok ~~~ Fung Kin
             ~ Timonthy Fok

Timonthy Fok ~~~Loletta Chu
             ~Kenneth Fok

Kenneth Fok ~~~ Jingjing Guo
            ~ Lawrence Fok

Siblings: Tsoi Fok Mo Kan
                Henry Fok

Canada family trees:

David Johnston || Elaine Johnston
              Leah Johnston
              Adrienne Johnston
             Abigail Johnston

Van Eyck || Marie Paule
               Emilie Heymans

Randy Bryant |\ Kathie Bryant
                Kelci Bryant
                Katie Bryant
                Steve Bryant
                Kevin Bryant
                Kara Bryant