Wednesday, February 17, 2016

folks from Fort Lauderdale, Malden, North Adams, Longmeadow, Revere, Parkland, Wynnewood, Narberth, and Beverly Hills rock

law school heads
many lawful claims in documents

when you study law
and write bills, you have done a job for congress

when your district lawyer hands in a approved bill,
you smile, grinning like a child

regardless where you are,
you spin your hands beyond international boarders

Newton's law of gravity is revealing,
Kenning Franklin Yang and Tsung Dao-Lee both cool in physicis and atom invention

Albert Einstein may lost in his domination
currently, we think of Joseph William Singer and Charles Rosenberg

 our focus today rests on folks from Fort Lauderdale, Malden, North Adams,
 Longmeadow, Revere, Parkland, Wynnewood, Narberth, and Beverly Hills

family history seems important,
you won't grow up, going to college without your ghostly aliens

for example,   Mira Singer marries Gilbert Yaros,
together they produce a small offspring named Aron Singer

how about Drew gilpin Faust and Charles Rosenberg?
their relatives and children could be

Amy Rosenberg
Machelina birrittieri
Mic Birrittieri
Eduin Ramires
Matthew Digregorio
Mark Rosenberg

then when we shift to Jiaying He, her grace, beauty, and open mind, we
pay attention more to Martha Minow and Thomas James

now, Erin Singer || Michalias Mcewin
they bear lords such as Carol Singer, Cheryl Mcewin, Julia Holst, and Erin Singer

at last, we see Sidney Silverstone || Aaron Singer
the relative story shifts to Jeff Silverstone, Alice Singer, Omer Singer, Nancie Singer---

Pauld Singer, Kathie-Erin singer, Irene Singer, Ari Singer, Aharon Singer, Pinkas Sommer, Irwin Son
Sal Singer, Mindy Singer, Singer Shlomo, Erika Katz, Marton Katz, Shlomo Singer, Arien Singer