Monday, February 29, 2016

short story slam week 39, on Antony Leung, Henry Fok, David Johnston, Van Eyck, and Jannifer Abel

Image result for Émilie Heymans 

Emilie Heymans

Image result for Wu Minxia 

Mixia Wu

Image result for Abigail Johnston 

Abigail Johnston

diving board,
you dip your head all the way to a pool

Olympic villagers
each of them shines like a silver star

Hong Kong business man,
eyes hot on Emilie Heymans, Mixia Wu, and Abigail Johnston

mother of two offspring,
Leung Sze-Yu and Leung Ho-Ka relate to Fu Mingxia and Antony Leung

Atlanta, London, Brazil, Beijing, and Austra,
Jennifer Abel, Pamela Ware, Marie Paule, Elaine Johnston, Fung Kin, all grin

the children are well fed,
the ladies are well placed

Tsoi Fok Mo Kan is sibling to Henry Fok,
Timonthy Fok is the father to Kenneth Fok

Fung Kin is a mother in law to Loletta Chu,
Guo Jingjing is a grand-daughter-in-Law to Henry Fok and Tsoi Fok Mo Kan

we graph them now,
entering them to database of short story slam week 39,

Antony Leung ~~~ Mingxia Fu
               ^ Sze-yu Leung
              ^ Ho-Ka Leung

Henry Fok ~~~ Fung Kin
             ~ Timonthy Fok

Timonthy Fok ~~~Loletta Chu
             ~Kenneth Fok

Kenneth Fok ~~~ Jingjing Guo
            ~ Lawrence Fok

Siblings: Tsoi Fok Mo Kan
                Henry Fok

Canada family trees:

David Johnston || Elaine Johnston
              Leah Johnston
              Adrienne Johnston
             Abigail Johnston

Van Eyck || Marie Paule
               Emilie Heymans

Randy Bryant |\ Kathie Bryant
                Kelci Bryant
                Katie Bryant
                Steve Bryant
                Kevin Bryant
                Kara Bryant


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

folks from Fort Lauderdale, Malden, North Adams, Longmeadow, Revere, Parkland, Wynnewood, Narberth, and Beverly Hills rock

law school heads
many lawful claims in documents

when you study law
and write bills, you have done a job for congress

when your district lawyer hands in a approved bill,
you smile, grinning like a child

regardless where you are,
you spin your hands beyond international boarders

Newton's law of gravity is revealing,
Kenning Franklin Yang and Tsung Dao-Lee both cool in physicis and atom invention

Albert Einstein may lost in his domination
currently, we think of Joseph William Singer and Charles Rosenberg

 our focus today rests on folks from Fort Lauderdale, Malden, North Adams,
 Longmeadow, Revere, Parkland, Wynnewood, Narberth, and Beverly Hills

family history seems important,
you won't grow up, going to college without your ghostly aliens

for example,   Mira Singer marries Gilbert Yaros,
together they produce a small offspring named Aron Singer

how about Drew gilpin Faust and Charles Rosenberg?
their relatives and children could be

Amy Rosenberg
Machelina birrittieri
Mic Birrittieri
Eduin Ramires
Matthew Digregorio
Mark Rosenberg

then when we shift to Jiaying He, her grace, beauty, and open mind, we
pay attention more to Martha Minow and Thomas James

now, Erin Singer || Michalias Mcewin
they bear lords such as Carol Singer, Cheryl Mcewin, Julia Holst, and Erin Singer

at last, we see Sidney Silverstone || Aaron Singer
the relative story shifts to Jeff Silverstone, Alice Singer, Omer Singer, Nancie Singer---

Pauld Singer, Kathie-Erin singer, Irene Singer, Ari Singer, Aharon Singer, Pinkas Sommer, Irwin Son
Sal Singer, Mindy Singer, Singer Shlomo, Erika Katz, Marton Katz, Shlomo Singer, Arien Singer 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Lucinda's Asian Giant Tv Drama King or Queen Honor list

ancient stories,
fairy tales rock

love drama
many tearful episodes

you care
you dare

she falls
she seeks

we think
we wink

they exercise Kungfu
they perform Magic

huge directors always impress
telescope Jizhong Zhang, Qin Yan, Wei Zhao, Jin Xie, Yimo Zhang today

recall Jackie Chan, Zuming Fang,
stay calm about Timid Zhuo, Joel Yung, and Steve Jobs

 Image result for New My Fair Princess -- 第38
 Image result for New My Fair Princess -- 第38

 Many movie stars, or tv drama stars, or famous comedy singers or speakers are civic, they deserve fame, and they entertain us in magical way:

Yao Chiong (Yao Qiong)
Qiong Wu
Lan Ma
Lan Yang
Ding Ding
Jin Xie
Xiaoqin Liu
Long Geng
Yi Huang
Yili Ma
Minfeng Zhao
Le Chen
Yunzhe Jia
Ping Li
Yangguo Ding
Yue Wu
Zhiwei Xia
Xuehua Liu
Ping Li
Xin Jiang
Lin Lu
Pingwen Deng
Xinqi Gao
Bo Hai
Meicheng Pan
Danping Shen
Ning Mao
Ying Huo
Lei Han
Yue Yue
Ni Chun
Yang Cao
Yinan Cao
Sheng Wang
Yunwei He
Wenping Guan
Tian Qin
Jin Chen
Tao Xu
Tao Liu
Yan Wang
Qingqing Jiang
Jie Zhou
Lanhua Cui
Ming Yao
Weijian Zhang
Chunshan Liu
Tao Peng
Fei Ye
Ming Cai
Dongning Guo
Wenbing Wei
Guanghui Xiao
Juji Gu
Qilong Wu
Yazhi Zhao
Ruby Lin
Guofeng Zhen
Zhiping Wang