Saturday, January 30, 2016

January 30th, 2016....Aime's Pick on Oklahoma School of Math and Science huming birds

I like humming birds
because they hum, softly

I like Edmond sun
because the friendship is goodwill

I like Crescent moon
simply because it is dream time

i like picnic on poetry or short story
because a break from home in the wild is cool

i like people, popular songs,
because the lyrics bring in peaceful mood

i like norman folks
since all teachers are inventive in academics and arts

i like payne county
because John Bartley and Gina Noble are wise owls

I scan and print exceptional wisdom
due to the spell and the method their performances tell 

ben zhao respects tina wu,
charles fan and bessy fan promote lee fan

chulho yang and soonmae lee won't quit from richard
eric and aime wood always love abbey

Friday, January 15, 2016

ABC Wednesday, Alibaba, Short Story Slam Week 36, childhood, and Sunday Whirligig, word puzzle

  Image result for alibaba
Ma yun  from Alibaba waves his hand,
eye on Singapore,
Robin Li from Baidu dot com swims for water wednesday,
his english chinese transformation and information system runs hot
the imperfect is perfect,
citi credit card from new york goes mainstream
harrowing lame,
Ken Jennings, Tyler Wilson, and Jeannette Sias bring in bright music game
if one's shoes is too tight,
your feet won't be able to stop trembling
a father trying to bar anger from spilling,
often memory untie the knots fumbling
statistics refers to Tongji,
Simei Tong, Zhe Han, David Paige, and Andrew Blair Perry has thesis in Math Lounge.
Dale Alspach, David Ullrich, Anthony Kable, Yanqiu Wang, Jiahong Wu, Alan Noell,
William Bus Jaco, Douglas Aichele, Robert Myers, and Kenneth Ward feel divine
 when applauds rise in a concert hall,
music notes from Robert Muczyuski, Gregory Lee, Mark Neumann, and Chad Burrow roll  
 ABC, 123, xyz,
Amazon amazing Jeff Bezos grins about Barns & Noble books sales, now and then
Whirligig 42 

  photo e65571c4-fdea-4f4e-9ffe-3b65456f64ff_zpsikrt8hc7.jpg