Monday, December 21, 2015

Shadow Shot Sunday and short stroy slam week 35

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Measuring Greatness from the Manger Up

far away from Rome, Italy,
there is a girl named Lily 
and she believes that intelligence is our way of joy
then at middle kingdom,
another girl named Stefanie is born from holly land,
her birth brings happiness to the mother Simone,
yet her dream is always shadowed by unknown figures,
during years of growth and education,
Lily and Stefanie meet,
they compete
and they resent 
until a Kenyan lady Martha 
resides at USA,
through lots of visual and physical work,
ALL three women win fame
and many envy them
and they remain caLM,
although Linda, Julia, Rachel, Matt, Mimi, Frank, and Judy, etc.
all rise higher 
and win fame lots more,
yet maNY PEOPLE appreciate
Lily, Stefanie, and Martha,
because they ARE mostly attacked
and they are mostly considerate.
today when the windows to the world is wide open,
Many more challenges rise,
ann folks always have faith
aND they hope that Mary Fallin
and Jill Biden shall be able to reduce the conflicts
and promote Christina, Lucinda, Beryl, Sheryl, Kara, and Gloria
so that more ladies speak of witty language
and more peace is preserved 
through relaxing efforts.