Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Jill Love, Matt Gonzales, and Minneapolis Sias

in a rush,
we have a crash on technology,
we bump into San Francisco Silicon Valley,
Think of Ron, Sam, Paula, Kim, Alex, Charles, Rufus, Christopher, Edward, Kenneth,
We dodges and avoid OK Judicial center with Veterans, 
We fuel at Valera gas at Guthrie,
seeing Alicia, Shae, Thomas, Tuzo, Tom, Jin, and Bob,
all the way we drive to Waterloo Lincoln, Santa Fe, and Kenya,
a turn left leads to Robinson, Google, Celia, August, Sherwood,
passing Able Tech, Buy for Less Food, and Sherpa boots,  
we obtain Gulf, Classen, Crescent, Sheridan, Western, Arrowhead,
a lunch meal take out at Amy's Noodle House,
then, Penn Square mall, Jill Love clothing, Matt Gonzales paint, and
United airline and Barclay, or citi credits join in,
On our way to OSSM, I see Abbey, Frank, Diane, Cara, David,
and i also encounter Rebecca Morrison, Sue Dick,   Joe Kingery ,
Melissa Shackford
along Kelley road, skipping Cowboy museum and natural history, 
we dine at China King Danforth Edmond,
Fuji apples come in at Sprout food Market,
News Ok 9 Van hits us head to head with a left turn,
no much excitement, but we continue with Bob, Jeff, and Tuzo,
since a calculator is missing at our Honda car,
we drive all the way back very far
to return the testing tool to Samantha,
Homeland Food, Crest Food, Arby's coffee fits us well at East Noble,
A fuel chance comes at Love's and Sias' pizza place,
We keep Ron, Sam, Paula, Chuck, Charles, Rufus, Kimberly, Alex, Jim in mind,
and hope that Minneapolis and Campbell apartments attract more Larry fans.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

world peace

peace is the dinner you cook,
peace is the cash in your wallet,
peace is the eyes you blink,
peace is you who is calm like a sea,
peace is him who sends a rose to his girl friend,
peace is us who refuse to confuse and refuse to strike unless we see
violence comes in our harm's way.