Monday, March 30, 2015

natural remedies

Here are centuries-old remedies for problems that still trouble us today: anxiety, flu and stress to name a few. Some folk remedies are nothing out of the ordinary, but others are slightly bizarre.
Can a cow intestine have cosmic healing powers? Only one way to find out!

natural remedies

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

the rebelling force

a voice with forceful will,
echoing on airforce one heli-wing,
is stirring to this grey battleship.
it cries as we detach ourselves,
and look at the cabin of captain Warrant,
that houses typewriters of ihome brand,
we fight for our mission and agree to withdraw
on September 2, 1945...
the instrument declares the end of World War II,
and seventy years later, the footsteps
appear like musical notes, that
we cannot trace yet can imagine,
in its own rhyms, the voice
speaksm reminding people the past,
the pain, and the ocean where it lurks.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Lemon Pine So Sublime (A Narrative Poetry Form)

never knew how sweet a friend could be,
they soften our bone like cake icing free,
when we were questioned by assumptions so real,
our soul is decorated with kindness peel,
imagining i slide through lemon pine,
I'm greeted by the smells so sublime.
not to decline the open mind of Minfine,
won't be able to overlook inflamed bon fire,
life has grown wings to fly,
to unearth beautiful virgin places of empire,
i let everyone's poetry caress me,
as talents and love surpass ecstasy,
since all of us capture life like ocean wave,
each being is unique as princess Marissa's silhouettes concave,
literally we travel on a pine cone with an abstract mood,
so that we can sample the hardest ground,
in half/whole notes of Mozart music food,
suppose we're stuck together on lemon pine,
emotional episodes of friendship shall feel so sublime.