Saturday, January 17, 2015

the mind clock scarab

chronicle books publishing,
a crime theme fiction writer's showcase,
Colleen Gleason hits us hard,
A mechanical scarab beetle is harmful if we leave
      it unattended.
We speak using our common sense,
We defend through our sixth sense,
We read books to discover truth,
We socialize with others
                 to regulate the mind clock scarab.
the niece of Sherlock Holmes can be Me,
the world's first consulting detective can be ME,
the half sister of Bram can be Me,
the vampire slayer can be Me.
I'm a battery charger,
I can choose not to attack,
I can decide to disconnect,
Yet, collective ideas shall be summed
       to improve human conditions.
Mind your own business,
know the history,
respect others,
what else?
say what you wish to say
in a proper way,
let diversity stay.

Lucinda, Darkly (Paperback)

BCBGMAXAZRIA Lucinda Cropped Top