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A fungus (plural fungi). Also see entries for morel, portabella and shitake mushrooms.
plural: mushrooms


Season: available year-round

How to select: Choose firm, unblemished mushrooms with a tight underside (it is easiest to determine this when selecting mushrooms freely instead of in packaging).

How to store: Keep mushrooms in the refrigerator in either plastic or paper bags. If you prefer to use plastic bags, it might be a good idea to poke a few holes in it to allow some air to circulate.

How to prepare: You can rinse particularly dirty mushrooms, but usually a good wipe with a damp paper towel will do the trick, while rinsing runs the risk of water-logging the mushroom. bake, broil, fry, grill, puree, raw, saute, steam

Matches well with: almonds, anchovies, bacon, basil, bread crumbs, butter, caraway seeds, cayenne, cheese, hervil, chives, coriander, cream, creme fraiche, dill, eggplants, eggs, fish, garlic, grapes, ham, lemon, Madeira, marjoram, mint, mustard, nutmeg, nuts olive oil, onions, oranges, oregano, oyster sauce, pancetta, paprika, parsley, pasta, peas, pepper, pineapple, pistachios, potatoes, rosemary, sausaes, shallots, shellfish, sherry, sour cream, spinach, stock, tarragon, thyme, tomatoes, veinegar, walnuts, wine

Substitutions: 1 (8 oz) can sliced mushrooms, drained = 1 lb fresh mushrooms; 3 oz dried mushrooms, rehydrated = 1 lb fresh mushrooms
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