Tuesday, July 30, 2013



Everything that decays
will revive about us,
on the other side of the earth.
A green leaf marries the sunlight,
Green gazes flush the bride,
Power and Plants dominate May sight.
Distanced exchanges
fill the wireless cells,
A rose takes root in between,
New life rises in the light of our mouths.
The time will come
when we meet,
The time will follow us
when we feed each other our greed.


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Polish and Comfort


Dust grows
on top of things,
as time passes,
Quantity changes
and eventually quality
If not removed,
It sticks like
glue on skins...
you got to know
the polish and comfort
in a relation
with attached strings.
She loved many men,
but might not mean
love in general senses.
One's mind shall not be
shaken if a richer man
comes to sight
to get you...
love him?
do you cook dinner for him?
do you work and use your own
money to buy gifts for him?
do you two speak
in equal manner
and ...???


Friday, July 5, 2013

A 55 word fiction by Summer Rain

Summer is leaving tomorrow,
Usha's heart is filled with sorrow;
Met him during her summer vacation,
Made best friends with no hesitation;
Everyday, they've spent quality time together,
Volcanic passions gather,
A romance's cooking;
Can't help feeling
And caring,
They made love
Inside a sailboat,
Oh, my,
Now, time to let it go afloat.