Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Peace Award to Barack Obama by Justin Paige Humecki


Awarded to one head of nation
Who thinks he doesn't deserve
But feels honoured to be
in the company of those
who in centuries have worked for peace.

Awarded to one head of a nation
with his shared vision on peace
in political campaigns, dialogues
and speeches, a shared aspiration
of all the international communities..

An award to one head of states, worthy
to be shared with those who actively
and silently have worked for peace
and upheld the dignity of all persons
irrespective of their colour, sex and ages.

A Nobel Peace Prize of Peace to Obama,
a common award worthy to be shared
with soldiers and mothers, common citizens
and philanthropists, students, teachers, scientists
and activists and all those who fight that the world
we live in maybe a safe habitat for all.

Yes, let this shared peace award to one head of state
be a continuous call to common action
against the grave economic crises in treasuries,
the climate change in the globe of earth,
the escalation of military weapons
and the wage against the tentacles of terror.


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