Friday, March 29, 2013

Where I Stand

Feet on the ground by the stepping stones
Terra firma underneath my shaking knees
And trembling heart stretched over chasms
That I never thought I'd see just from the edge
And now I'm hanging over, wondering, in midair.

No song would be enough, no notes sufficient
To sing the joy and apprehension strung through me
Waiting to be a melody, point and counterpoint
From each, seeming to be forever, with drumbeats
Resonating in fingers and throats.

Awareness ripples along every nerve, calm,
Inescapable and welcome, like the knowledge
Waking somewhere in my brain that there is
Something more here than eyes can see, or
Five senses pick up, something rare and invisible.

And for the first time I understand what I want and
What Juliet knew, and I see where I have stood
All this time, not alone but supported, held
By something if not the someone holding me now--
It is love, and I will not fall.

Copyright © 1997 by Katherine Foreman.

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