Wednesday, October 31, 2012

O, Children of Mine By Revisen Christ Tomalonis

mother horse and baby horse

Hyde Park Thursday Poets Rally Week 76: October 31-November 7, 2012

You are God's gift to me
in life's morning!
I'm your servant in life to be
living and a-glowing!
O, children of mine.
I'm love's reward at noon
a blue moon before your birth!
You're God's blessing so soon
when I saw the day!
O, Children of Mine!
In life's evening I pray
to love you in dead!
From the day you are formed,
to times we get to know each other,
O, Children of Mine!
I bet we're connected in Eternity,
Since I chose maternity!
Who said that the bond is breakable?
Who dare to decline sadness in evil's hand?
O, Children of Mine.
Shall I bless you with joy
under the sky's grace?
What greater joy is thine?
To do so is definitely divine?
O, Children of Mine.

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