Saturday, September 22, 2012

No Time To Feel Jealous of You, Her, or Them! (Poetry and Mini Fiction)

 penunia flower

You can showcase your tale all day,
you can write down your pain all night,
there will be a room you cannot reach
where I feel safe and alright.
You may miss the train in sunlight,
you may admire the shadow under the moon,
there will be dawn in between
when i sense the heat like noon.
you may come a long way to win,
You may fall short to obtain,
The times you don't wish to fight
will romance me like summer rain.

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India Monitor Watson said...

I care for my kids and mu hubby, no time to feel envious, but if you hurt them, i will do things to make you see my point of view.

thanks for reading.

George Lincoln said...

bless you.

awesome let out.

Jolly said...

Wonderful poem. Got a lovely lilt to it and very clearly and strongly expressed.

antomaniax said...

Nice read and a wonderful rally post.

Morton Monica Evans said...

superb poetry.

Aya Wilson said...

love it,

the rhymes and word flow is outstanding.

Sarah Glenwool Bush said...

lovely entry.

Hillary Ginger Piety said...

a lovely argument and poetry.

Nancy Perazil Federle said...

enjoyable poetry.

Helen Rice Obama said...

this is dreamy,

authentic sentiments, everyone shall relax and love life like this.