Saturday, September 22, 2012

No Time To Feel Jealous of You, Her, or Them! (Poetry and Mini Fiction)

 penunia flower

You can showcase your tale all day,
you can write down your pain all night,
there will be a room you cannot reach
where I feel safe and alright.
You may miss the train in sunlight,
you may admire the shadow under the moon,
there will be dawn in between
when i sense the heat like noon.
you may come a long way to win,
You may fall short to obtain,
The times you don't wish to fight
will romance me like summer rain.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

A Dream of Jealousy By Seamus Heaney (The Featured Sonnet)


Walking with you and another lady
in wooded parkland, the whispering grass
ran its fingers through our guessing silence
and the trees opened into a shady
unexpected clearing where we sat down.
I think the candor of the light dismayed us.
We talked about desire and being jealous,
Our conversation a loose single gown,
or a white picnic tablecloth spread out
like a book of manners in the wilderness,
"Show me," I said to our companion, "what
I have much coveted, your breast's mauve star,"
and she consented, oh, neither these verses
nor my prudence, love, can heal your wounded stare.

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Sunday Sentiments, Welcome, Today!

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It's labor day weekend,
Not much is scheduled, concerned friend,
We have shoveled dirt to fix the slope
at our backyard,
After we're done our morning run,
working out before the day burns under the sun,
then we listened to folk music
and shopped for fruits and milk,
After lunch, I get online,
The internet is off, i have little fun,
so I decide to write my day off,
before I turn myself into a mad wolf,
Tomorrow is another today,
i wish to fulfill it with abundant
sun ray.