Thursday, August 2, 2012

Relatively Speaking (SSS Week 24)


I have friends living in close distance,
I also have others residing afar,
I have companies living in peace,
While a few others with whom I war.
Most of my time is spent at home,
Where I read, write, cook, and bake,
Emotions falter when I speak of tomorrows,
But mostly I love the challenges life makes me take.
To go through lumps of obstacles,
A compass would help a lot,
To identify light from poisonous parcels,
I let my pets guard the parking lot.

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India Palin Watson said...

love the winners at this year's Olympic game.

George Lincoln said...

love this.

Kate said...

Both summer and winter olympics are a pleasure to watch, but probably most of us would rather be there! Kate, ABC team

Margaret said...

... a piece to ponder. What if we had a compass to point us in the right direction... would we follow it? :)

Ella said...

I too found this interesting to ponder! How we end up where we are by the outline of events and the people we encounter~ Intriguing take on the prompt :D

Sheilagh Lee said...

very nice