Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Xiao'Nan Xu and Mie'Er and Their School Bond In 7 Years

Xiao'Nan Xu used to live at Group 7,
While Chuan'Hui used to live at Group 4,
Xiao'Nan and Chuan'Hui both lived along a new dug river,
With a tomb place and wild fields in between,
They became close while in 7th Grade,
Every morning, Xiao'Nan would get up early, 
Walk half a mile to Chuan'Hui's house, 
"Mie'Er, Mie'Er" was what she called, behind Chuan'Hui's back door,
next to the river bank,
Chuan'Hui would hurry up and get ready,
then they both walk to school east bound,
Both Nan and Hui were good at English language class,
and they had fun practicing freshly learned  English vocabularies,
"Gun, Mug, Pen, Girl, Boy, Sun, Earth, Water, Wood, Gold.."
Nan started to have health problem while they were in 8th grade,
After both of them attending Raun-Chang Middle School,
Nan felt pain at her stomach often lately, 
She went to hospital and the doctor could not fix her problem completely,
Too bad that Nan had to quite school before going to 9th graDE,
Then Nan learned how to sew clothes, or became a TAILOR,
Hui was happy for Nan, while she worked hard to make progress...
After Hui or Ji went to College at Beijing, 
Nan wrote a few letters to Ji and they had celebrated their friendship,
It was so very sad that Nan had problem with her boyfriend, 
because she would never be able to bear children...
Things became sensitive, and when two boys, 
one from our home town, and another from the place she worked (YuoKo City),
started a fight at her home in front of her family and relatives,
Nan ended her life all of a sudden by swallowing lots of sleeping pills,
Ji loved Nan, and her mother, and her grandmother, and her sisters...
They exchanged new year's Calendars latest in Winter, 1987...
It was heart breaking to lose such a friend of Ji or Hui,
Here, Xiao'Nan, if you know and remember me, 
I wish to say: I loved you, loved your voice at the back of my house,
loved your hot steamed buns shared with Me, and
loved your wit in English language learning and inspiring,
We had walked miles going  to school,
we had walked years both east bound and later west bound to school,
trying to improve our lives, and you loved Mie'Er or Me so much,
we shared lots of opinions and materials...Peace for U,
I wish that you had not made that decision to end your life,
You rock, and love for you...
Bless your surviving family members...Amen...   

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Relatively Speaking (SSS Week 24)


I have friends living in close distance,
I also have others residing afar,
I have companies living in peace,
While a few others with whom I war.
Most of my time is spent at home,
Where I read, write, cook, and bake,
Emotions falter when I speak of tomorrows,
But mostly I love the challenges life makes me take.
To go through lumps of obstacles,
A compass would help a lot,
To identify light from poisonous parcels,
I let my pets guard the parking lot.

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