Sunday, July 22, 2012

Drifting on The Lake (For Short Story Slam Week 23)

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This Summer is hot,
The firmament is far,
As far as outlandish daydreams,
Beyond orchards of apples on earth
where friends party and differ,
My mind goes wild and glitter with joy,
especially when I spy airplanes
above fragments of clouds,
Under the watchful eyes of Tifiny the Moon,
A boat at the limitless lake,
where I sit, freely and leisurely,
white light inks the restless ripples,
I let the time be killed,
in solitude,
while alone,
I picture everything valid in my head,
forgetting about bitterish arguments,
letting go of ill logic and random madness,
Water, matters,
Peace, glimmers...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mother, The Best On Your Birthday

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Mother, I wish you the best on your birthday;
No one has earned it like you.
You provide the love that makes our life
of a happy home come true.
Your family loves and reveres its Mom;
You enrich everything you come near;
You’re our rock, our beacon and our pleasure,
And everything we all hold so dear.