Monday, May 14, 2012

Kenya (Music) = Ken (Sheng's nickname) + J. F. Kennedy + Yanji + Tonya Jones + Tanya Raun + Toe B. Wyatt + John Kerry + Yale University + Yale at Payne County of Oklahoma + Asya Pristker + Kevrekidis Yannis G + Wu Chenxi + Ryan Haas + Meredith Grace Kemp

Kenya music is mainly based on drumming,
humming, singing, dancing and so on.
The National Museums of Kenya exhibits
musical instruments of drums, lyres,
flutes and guitars. Recently there is
an increase in FM radio stations
all over Kenya playing a mixture
of rap, hip-hop, reggae and afro-jazz.
Kenyan music is making history for itself.

 Image Credit: on Kenya, music, and entertainment...