Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Come What May (ShenYang Friends): Your Warmth of Kindness Rocks!

 China Map, Shenyang located at Northeastern of China..

It's May, a beautiful time
to melt in joyful sunshine, it reminds
Ji of her internship at Shenyang in 1990,
Where she spent days learning about Wuzi
(materials) management at Shenyang
WuziJu...plus, Ji was treated fancy
meals by two high school classmates,
from Northeastern University
and Shenyang Industrial University...
Their warmth of kindness rocks!

 Jilin University

Standford University

weird Cuisine


Lao Bian Dumpling Restaurant

Shenyang snack

Shenyang normal dishes

Gong Li, born in Shenyang

Image Credit: Google.com....


India Palin Watson said...

love Shenyang food and spirits.

keep those coming and sharing.


Sarah Bush said...

delicious dishes here,

yummy, well done.