Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Thursday poets Rally week 86, (nutrition in april year 6)....Friends and Friendship

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Teng Daiwei, represented at usa as Engler Hans, Kyle Schmidly, and Ebriss Titi
is a well known mathmaticia

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Danping peng, a ph.d graduate from u of Berkeley, works hard to obtain music fun

Image result for danping peng  danping peng, who casts a new sunlight by carrying a fame to the male danping peng above

Image result for danping peng  dehua wang,  or kaiming zhou, working at university of pittsburg
Image result for danping peng  xianghong Gong, who remains a top mathematician at u of winsconsin

Image result for danping peng  yejing shao

Image result for danping peng    Sarah Pallin
Alaska beautiful first lady

Image result for danping peng   a movie called "chess game infinity"

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relatives and family members
they gather around
pile up lots of wisdom and confidence

bryan adams blow horns
jodi jinks plays piano
meredith blecha wellls plays cello

while we see thomas and heather lanners watch baseball games
not worrying about benjamin and cory

Saturday, March 10, 2018

short story slam week 85, poetry and story inn fridays week 15

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Lake Michigan

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Sophia Bollag, Camilla Benredjicek, Skylar Zhang,
Bing Ji, Jia Jia, Lindsay Chamber, Sheng Wu,
Megan Thielfing, Yuri Uchida, Sheery kim,
Ani Ajit, Elena Murphy, Jiamei Wu, Julia Watson,
Brian Langer, Lee Fan, Joe Thelma, Michelle Coriston,

they all graduated from Nu under Morton Schapiro, Stacia Campbell, Doouglas Foster,
goce, david morton, alan sahakian, jane wang, tai wu, wei chen, yun wang, peter dinda,
Julio Ottino, Natalie Furletts, Mimi Schapiro, Scott Pippen, Pat Quinn, Michael Jordan...

past is a memory
current is the steaming hope
spring break is near
springfield hosts the Simpsons

Bart, Lisa, Megan, Marge, Homer, Chuck, Anderson, Gloria,
they all sit at Hollywood hill
tossing mushmellow
eating fresh potatoes from Norris University Food Court service